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Characteristic Techniques for Land Seismic Data Processing:

1)Q-based Amplitude Preserved Processing

- Near Surface Q Compensation

- Near Surface Q Tomography

- Q Tomography based on Frequency Shift

- Kirchhoff/Beam/RTM Depth Migration

2)Land Demultiple

- Interbed Multiples Suppression with Well-driven Modelling

- ISS Demultiple

- Land SRME

3)Integrated Velocity Model Building with Floating Topography in Foothill Areas

- Double Square Root NMO and Floating Topography Velocity Analysis

- Diving-wave Tomography and Statics Correction with Multi-infor Constraint

- Geological-steering and High-resolution Tomography

- Kirchhoff/Beam/RTM Depth Migration with Floating Datum


4)Other Special Processing

- Deblending


Characteristic Techniques for Marine Seismic Data Processing:

1)Towed/Oblique Cable Acquisition

- Broadband Deghosting

- QPSDM and Q Tomography Based on Frequency-shift


- 3D Model-based Shallow Water Demultiple


- ISS Residual Interbed-multiple Attenuation

3)High-resolution Velocity Model Building

- Geological-Steering Grid-based Tomography

- HTI/TTI/Orthotropic Anisotropic Kirchhoff/Beam/RTM Depth Migration


4)OBC/OBS/OBN Processing

- Nodes Reposition and Reorientation

- PZ Sum

- Mirror Migration

- High-resolution 5D Interpolation and Regularization

- Converted Waves Processing

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